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Would you like to see the Light Rail stops? 
This page displays a detailed map of the stops:
Length of the line: About 14 kilometers in each direction (in the future it will be extended to 22 kilometers).
Number of passengers: up to 500 per train (two railcars)
Number of stops: 23 in each direction
Frequency: At present, every 6-10 minutes
Propulsion: Electrical.
Priority at traffic lights: Graduated
The future plan , which will contribute to economic growth and a significant improvement in quality of life in the city, will include the transition from a few lines to an integrated, high-quality public transportation system based on advanced networks of public transport lines and roads, as befits a metropolis of a million residents. 

According to the plan formulated by The Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team , with the assistance of international experts, the second stage began in the spring of 2011. 

Each train, which has two separate railcars, can carry about 500 passengers at a time - 248 in each railcar.

Each railcar has 56 regular seats and 8 folding seats, plus spacious, comfortable, safe standing areas.

The electrical-powered trains travel quietly and are environmentally friendly. Each car is equipped with electronic information panels that display the next Light Rail stop.

The Light Rail is a new mode of transport in Israel, and its operation requires special attention to possible road-safety hazards that are unfamiliar in Israel in general, and in Jerusalem in particular.

Please observe the safety rules while you enjoy the new transport system – and safeguard your lives and the lives of your children.

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