Travel Info


The "Rav-Kav" is a smart card that contains your personal information and details of the discounts for which you are eligible. You charge the "Rav-Kav" with a payment package  of your choice: a multi-ride ticket package for a specific number of bus rides (kartisia) or monthly ticket (chofshi chodshi). You use the "Rav-Kav" card on all the types of transportation in Jerusalem, and throughout Israel. 

– You can recharge your "Rav-Kav" card in the buses or the automatic recharging machines at Light Rail stops.
Convenient - Only "Rav-Kav" users are eligible for all the types of discounts: the monthly ticket (chofshi chodshi), multi-ride tickets (kartisiya), and other special discounts,
such as for children, students and seniors.
Issuing stations and customer service

  • Massuah Terminal
  • Davidka Square
  • Malcha Mall
  •  Ramot Community Center (Matnas)
    and additional locations throughout the city.
  •  Machane Yehuda Market
  •  Central Bus Station (Tachana Merkazit)
  •  HaMashbir plaza
  •  Rav Shefa Mall

For additional information,  call the Kol Kav hotline at: *8787