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Park & ride parking lots

Three modern park and ride facilities have been built, both for the benefit of Jerusalem’s residents and visitors, and to encourage more people to use the public transportation system. You park your car, board the Light Rail or express bus, and reach your destination safely and calmly.

Mount Herzl (Har Herzl) car park

The Mt. Herzl underground car park is close to the Light Rail’s terminus; the car park covers about 1.6 hectares and has 552 parking spaces. An elevator brings you from the car park to the Light Rail station directly above. 
Near the roof of the car park is a sculpture by the internationally acclaimed sculptor, Alexander Calder. 

Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTachmoshet) car park

This car park has 600 parking spaces. Entrance to the car park is from Zeev Shragai St. (the Ammunition Hill access road).

Pisgat Zeev car park

This car park has 200 parking spaces.
All the car parks were built at the various entrances to the city so that owners of private cars can avoid the hassle of driving into the traffic-congested city center.