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Smart Light Rail stops

A satellite-based tracking system is linked to electronic screens installed in the Light Rail stops. The screens give you reliable, real-time information on the location of the express buses and the Light Rail train, and display when they will arrive at the stop where you are waiting. As a result, you can plan your time more efficiently.
In addition, each stop displays a map of the city’s public transportation system, a map of the neighborhood served by the stop, and a map of bus lines that bring passengers to the stop.

What else do the Light Rail stops offer?

Accessibility – The height of the platforms matches the height of the railcars, making it easier for the general public, and especially the disabled, to board the railcars. In addition, the platforms, railcar doors and the areas designated for wheelchairs – have special Braille markings to enable people with impaired vision to navigate by touch. 

 Name for each tram stop – Each tram stop has a name, to help familiarize passengers with their surroundings in the city.

 Design – The improvements to the face of the city, roofs of the Light Rail stops have modern, stylish designs.

  Light and greenery – The Light Rail stops are well lit, spacious and surrounded by plants, creating a pastoral, relaxed atmosphere.

 Bicycle parking – Beside each station are bicycle racks for locking bicycles.