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A thousand free parking spaces for light rail and bus passengers

Three Park and Ride car parks have opened along the route of the light rail. The car parks allow you to park free of charge and ride the light rail from the stations at Ammunition Hill, Mt. Herzl and Pisgat Ze’ev. In the future, an additional 400 spaces will be built at Ammunition Hill. The CEO of Tochnit-Av Transportation Jerusalem: "We learned from other cities around the world that the Park and Ride system relieves traffic congestion in the city center and allows car-owners to enjoy the new transportation too."
Park and ride for free …the Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Transportation have begun to operate three Park and Ride lots with a total of 1,000 spaces along the light rail route. Parking will be at no charge for light rail passengers upon presentation of their tickets.

The Tochnit-Av Transportation Jerusalem team initiated and planned the establishment of the car parks as part of the new transportation system, and they were built by Moriah, the Jerusalem municipal-owned development company. The goal is to encourage private car owners to use the public transportation system.

A new 4-level underground car park was built at Mt. Herzl, right under the light rail station. The lot has 500 parking spaces and an elevator that takes all the passengers straight to station level. Another car park was built beside the Ammunition Hill site, on Shragai St. This car park will have 600 spaces. 200 spaces have already been built, and the rest will be built in the future. The car park is above ground, about 70 meters from the light rail station. This car park will also serve residents of Maale Adumim who will drive to Ammunition Hill, park their cars and use the city’s public transportation system. The third public transportation car park is in Pisgat Ze’ev, on Gal St. due to space limitations, this lot has 300 parking spaces.
The Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Transportation invested NIS 75 million from the ministry and municipal budgets in the construction of the three car parks.

 “This is a real gift from the Ministry of Transportation and the municipality to residents of the city and surrounding areas,” said Jerusalem Tochnit-Av Transportation  team leader, Mr. Nadav Meroz. “We have learned from other cities around world that the Park and Ride system is an efficient way to relieve traffic congestion in the city center, allowing visitors to enjoy the new transportation system, using the light rail and the rapid bus lines to reach their destinations throughout the city quickly and efficiently.” 

Mrs. Rita Ladizhensky, director of the Jerusalem Municipality’s Parking Services Department, who is responsible for the operation of the car parks. Mrs. Ladizhensky said that in the coming weeks, a tender will be issued for operation of the car parks, such that passengers on the public transportation will benefit most.

Date Published: 21.08.11